Rev. Mary A. Tower is the founder and patroness of the
 Mary A. Tower Memorial Spiritualist Church. To realize their
 dream of building a church devoted to the religion of
 Spiritualism, Mary Tower and her husband mortgaged their
 home to purchase a church building in downtown Seattle.
 Located at 916 East James Street, the purchase price of
 $1000 bought the Towers a vacant 1904-era church
 building in need of furniture and repair.   With hard work;
 Mr. Tower’s skill as a carpenter; and donations from family,
 The First Spiritual Science of the Soul Church opened its
 doors in June 1927 under charter number 18 issued by the
 National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

 Mary Tower joyfully carried out her duties as Pastor of the First Spiritual Science of the Soul Church until she was well into her eighties. Upon her retirement in 1942, Mary Tower requested Mary B. Crisp (nee Tice) assume leadership of the church and act as President for Life. In recognition of her lifelong dedication to Spiritualism, First Spiritual Science of the Soul Church was renamed and is known today as The Mary A. Tower Memorial Spiritualist Church

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Seattle was fast growing into a major metropolitan city, with the downtown core at the city's heart. In 1963, the old church building abutted the
boundaries of the Seattle University campus. As the university campus was also expanding, the relocation of Tower Memorial Church was imminent. The old church building was sold later that year for $20,000 and for the first time in 37 years, the church congregation was without a home.  To keep the congregation intact, services were held at various locations around the city until a new building could be secured.  

While searching for a new building, the Magnolia Methodist Church became available for
sale. With an asking price of $15,000 that included the church pews that are still in use today, the "new"  Mary A. Tower Memorial Spiritualist Church opened its doors in 1961.. 

Through the years, Tower Church has hosted, and been home to, many talented mediums and healers. Mediums and healers continue to share their gifts and inspire others to develop their own inherent abilities

Tower Church is proud to continue this long tradition of service and teaching through its expanding selection of classes, events and services.