Tower's Spiritualist Tradition

At Tower, we are Independent Spiritualists, with a foundation in Modern Spiritualism. We value the same Principles, hold spirit message services, mediumistic demonstrations and seance. But, we also see that the progression of Spiritualism may lie beyond just the communication with "the so- called dead". In Tower's message services we do not exclude the divine communication of spirit given through ascended masters, angels and other spirit guides that assist in the healing of humanity and its consciousness. Put simply, Spiritualism is the practice and proof that we are always connected and this connection continues to  evolve.  We welcome you to be a part of Tower Memorial's  loving and joyfully evolving Spiritualist tradition and community! We strive to create a safe and sacred space of inspiration, meditation, spirit communication and healing. With your support, we hope to continue to demonstrate and share the gifts of the Spirit World through classes and events for many years to come! 




Please download and fill out member application and return with enclosed fee to Church board member or treasurer:

Rev. Atira Hatton: President (Interim)

Rev. Melanie Mitchell: Vice President (Interim)

Margaret McKinstry: Secretary

Barbara Justham: Treasurer

Nanci Cochrane: Trustee

Tower Brochure (1) (pdf)


Membership application packet (pdf)