Spirit Communication through mediumship

What is a medium?

A medium is a person who is able to sense the presence of a nonphysical entity, either through the physical senses or by way of thoughts and impressions conveyed by the entity.  A medium is the message-bearer, or channel,  for the spirits. around you.  Those in Spirit communicate their love for you and their willingness to help you progress spiritually.

Is mediumship a gift?

Mediumship is a trait we’re all born with. And since we all come from Spirit, mediumship is indeed a very special gift!  However, as we leave childhood and grow into adults, we are conditioned to set aside that which cannot be seen by others, or measured scientifically. Children have forever been taught that what can’t be sensed by other people just doesn’t exist. We then lose that special connection to our gifts and ground ourselves to the physical world.

Mediumship is taught as an ability that can be developed and practiced. Just as an average person can train to be a musician, anyone dedicated to their own learning can develop their mediumship abilities. Regardless of your belief in the strength of your own gifts, mediumship has been taught successfully to sincere students throughout the ages.

Spiritualists view mediumship as a way of enhancing one’s relationship with Spirit and self.  This is one reason why development circles and classes are such integral components of most Spiritualist churches.

Is mediumship a new phenomena?

The art of mediumship has been practiced for as long as humans have walked the Earth. However, the knowledge and development of mediumship has long been discouraged by formal religions.  In the past few years  there has been a resurgent interest in mediumship as people the world over seek divine guidance that is often received through mediumship.

What are spirits and spirit guides?

They are people who have passed over (died) and are now living in the spirit world.  They are commonly loved ones or relatives, but they may be your guides and teachers. Guides and teachers are either non-human entities of the etheric realm, or people now in Spirit. Their goal is to provide guidance and to help you learn your life lessons.  Because no one is spiritually perfect, we are all on Earth to learn. Your guides and teachers are here to help you.


On Mediumship from Spiritual Medium, Mavis Pittilla