Healing Invocations


I ask the great unseen healing force
To remove all obstructions
From my mind and body
And to restore me to perfect health.
I ask this in all sincerity and honesty
And I will do my part.

I ask the great unseen healing force
To help both present and absent ones
Who are in need of help
And to restore them to perfect health.
I put my trust in the love and power of God.


I ask God’s Healing Power
to make me whole and well.

I know that I work with God,
through my thoughts and actions
to make this healing happen.

I ask God’s Healing Power
to heal other people near and far away.

I trust that God will answer
this healing prayer.

Healing and Prayer Requests

Take some time in this quiet space now and reflect on those who stand in need of healing and prayer. Please do not forget about yourself. 

To place a loved one in our spirit circle for prayer and healing, please send name and request to: or message us on our Facebook page

Aligning to the highest, truest and best

What is  Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is a form of both mental and physical mediumship. The healer has the ability to raise his or her vibration and allow spiritual healing energy to come through. This energy can have positive mental and/or physical effects and can reduce pain and suffering, lessen or eliminate symptoms, and promote quicker recovery. The positive healing energy that comes from Spirit through the healer is very powerful and can cure ailments and diseases, oftentimes after medical science has given up and the patient comes to the spiritual healer as “a last resort”.

Spiritual healing is NEVER intended to replace medical care from licensed medical practitioners  Always seek medical care when needed!

But how does this work?

Positive energy is freely available to everyone.  Because all thoughts and feelings are energy, this positive energy can be focused, producing positive, healing  results. The spirit healers come through via the medium who is the conduit for  the energy to pass through. The healer will work on the areas that need it according to Spirit’s directions. Healing can also take place without the person who needs it being physically present. This is called absent healing.